New to Jesus or new to City Life?

Our mission is to help you discover God's Bigger Story and the role your story plays in it. The Next Steps Track is the place to start. And even if you're not a newbie, Next Steps is the front door to church life.

The Next Steps Track is all ONLINE, click the link below to get started. 


Start the Next Steps Track I want to get Baptized
Step One - KNOW

Discovering God’s Bigger Story and how we begin a new life in God, living in His Story.

Step Two - GROW

Discover what it means to follow Jesus, some of the essentials for our spiritual journey, and how we grow in becoming like Him.

Step Three - DISCOVER

Discover the unique way our story fits into God’s Bigger Story as well as some of the specifics of City Life’s story.


What it looks like for us to live out the unique purpose God created us for by partnering with Him in His mission to heal, rescue and restore the broken world through His Church.